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The Rhodesian Light Infantry Regimental
Assocation of Australasia
Arriving Midday Sunday 24th,

Evening watering hole and meal at the
Coolum Surf Life Saving Club.
Bistro open 7-9pm.

Please let JC know on 07 5573 7318 if you plan to attend
so that we can amend the booking numbers.

Anzac Day march: Monday 25th April 2016,

Dawn Service: 5.00am Gather Sea Cove Resort Road,
Short March to the Cenotaph.

5.20am Service: Begins on arrival of Veterans at Cenotaph, 1906 David Low Way.

After Service Refreshments: at RSL Memorial Hall adjacent to the Cenotaph.

Dress code:
Black suit or R.L.I. green jacket and beige slacks with R.L.I. badge, tie and medals. Commensurate with the reverence of the occassion.

Recommended accomodation near the RSL.

Best Regards
John Costopoulos.

ANZAC day dawn ceremony at Coolum
All serving members and relatives from Rhodesian units welcome
Hi John,
so nice to catch up with you all again on ANZAC Day 2016
Particularily humbling for me to see many of our ageing contemporaries dealing with illness and the passage of time, facing it with that same courage and excellent humour that set all of us apart from the rest so many years ago.
Their stoic demeanour is a testament to individual courage, a long forgotten war and an immortal Regiment. I sincerely hope that in years to come in the spirit of cameraderie the younger and fitter of our number are able to lend that early morning shoulder to those not so blessed by the years.

Looking forward to seeing you ANZAC 2017

Best regards
Andy Tattam

The infamous Coolum four presenting impeccably once again, largely due to white man's magic and the wonders of digital enhancement. Our comrades Ernie Grimmet and Peter Binyon remembered