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Over the years there have been and still are Publications, Articles and Schools of thought for and against what occured in Rhodesia. It is still a subject that can inflame the passions of all persuasions. The attached links to Wikepedia and other reference sites provides a reasonably factual synopsis of the events of the period.

During the first World War such a large portion of the population volunteered for service that enlistment had to be curtailed by law to enable the country to continue to function effectivley. The second World war again saw considerable representations throughout the Allied services and there were involvements in other theatres leading up to UDI in the 60's.

Rhodesia has the honour of providing a greater percentage of combatants per head of population in two wars than any other country within the British Empire of the time.

In keeping with the level of participation of previous calls to Arms the peoples of Rhodesia committed themselves totally to the defence of their country. Out of this conflict were born some of the finest Combat units operating worldwide at the time, attracting recruitment and benchmark recognition internationally.

It is pointless re creating information already available on the net and readers will find many links to articles and websites deemed to be factual and representative.

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Link to Military Photographs of the Rhodesian War, considerable bandwidth and patience may be required as some of the scanned images are rather large, as are the utterings of some of the contributors but there are many priceless photographs that can be selected individually and saved.
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